Permanent Staff

Marcella Chiari
Group leader
Polymer chemistry, Microarrays, Extracellular Vesicles
Marina Cretich
Research Scientist
Protein and peptide assays, Extracellular vesicles
Alessandro Gori
Research Scientist
Peptides&DNA, Supramolecular Chemistry, EVs
Francesco Damin
Research Scientist
DNA microarrays for liquid biopsy
Laura Sola
Research Scientist
Polymer chemistry, microarrays
Greta Bergamaschi
Research Scientist
Peptides, Supramolecular chemistry, on/off sensors

Research Staff

Dario Brambilla
PhD Student
Polymer chemistry and microarrays
Angelo Musicò
Postgraduate Researcher
Peptide synthesis and bioassays
Matteo Marsiglia
Undergraduate Student
Peptides and microarrays
Alessandro Strada
PhD student
Bioactive peptides
Roberto Frigerio
Postgraduate Researcher
Microarrays for Extracellular Vesicles
Giulia Palladino
Undergraduate Student
Isolation and analysis of extracellular vesicles
Stella Colombarolli
Post-graduate researcher
Phage-display library screening; peptide microarrays
Alessandro Mussida
Postgraduate Researcher
Polymer chemistry

Alumni & Former Collaborators

Alessandro Romanato – Senior Postgraduate Researcher

Tea Odinolfi – Postgraduate Researcher

Lucia Ferraro – Postgraduate Researcher

Elisa Chiodi – Postgraduate Researcher

Noemi Puccio – Undergraduate Student

Davide Bonfanti di Belforte – Undergraduate Student

Silvia Garau – Undergraduate Student

Federico Giacometti – Undergraduate Student